She Would Fall in Love With Me – Written Wednesday 15th December 2010 (Aged 35)

She Would Fall in Love With Me

she would fall in love with me
give me all the care i ever need
she would treat me with respect
she would ask me about my day
she would miss me when i was away
and i would never –
have to ask her for more
but i will never feel the same
and that remains such a shame
she is a genuine person
with a bundle of love to give
she has a shower of affection
and a storm of kisses
but, she does not set my heart on fire
yet she is amazing
more than she will ever know
others could consider changing
and emulate something of her glow
she would be everything
but everything is not enough
who can fathom or pilot this ship
the complexities of love
and the hunger of instant touch

James Garratt – Wednesday 15th December 2010

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