Chains and Cycles – Written Tuesday 28th September 2021 (Aged 46)

Chains and Cycles

i know i have come such a long way
and that i’ve had to break –
so many chains and so many cycles
but even now –
i wonder how successful i’ve been
because in reality,
am i just making the best of a bad job
or am i making a jigsaw –
but without the full compliment of pieces
perhaps emotionally am i just moving –
from place to place
never finding a level, just different leases
or, is all this,
just selfish indulgence
and the search or demand for perfection –
is just pointless
we are who we are –
why set up such impossible bars?
i know i have come such a long way
but it was never about a destination
everything is always day by day

James Garratt – Thursday 28th September 2021

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