God How I Hate It – Written June 1997 (Aged 22)

God How I Hate It

god how i hate it
when it is bedroom time
time to lie down
and not feel so fine
stick around, i need you
needed by needy
it about as satisfying
as being a cake for the greedy
god how i hate it
you take my life
you fashion it as your own
you make me warm
a blanket for when you’re alone
then when it suits you
i am just thrown away
that seems pretty bleak
i cannot explain how hard that is
it makes me feel cheap
you play with my feelings
you become an irritation
that i need to itch
but look at the situation
you say sorry, ‘i’m just bitch’
somehow that’s not much comfort
no, not for me
god how i hate it
when i get used by the strange
when i am offered a dream
which is just a game

James Garratt – June 1997

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