It’s No License – Written Sunday 29th June 1997 (Aged 22)

It’s No License

you have got melted hair
and a, ‘i’m such a bitch’, stare
tales of the unexpected
penned by a flirtatious person
who has spent too long being selfish
i have got nervous hands
a touch of a searcher
and half my mind in foreign lands
we all have reasons
for everything we do
but i look at you and i pause
because i wonder, what are yours?
why do you wake up everyday
or do you? are you really here?
do not give me crap,
just, just don’t do that
because the mad hatter –
jumped right through my mirror
it offered me his top hat
but i stopped playing with illusions
when i became involved with you
after all, i already have enough confusion
and i know you have been hurt
but it is no license to use
to take people and do what you want
to just casually pick and choose

James Garratt – Sunday 29th June 1997

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