What Comes Around – Written Sunday 29th June 1997 (Aged 22)

What Comes Around

what comes around –
is our feelings
two weeks,
of not hearing your voice –
piercing my madness
and lifting me up –
in the middle of sadness
you have to know,
that if i could turn the clock back
and be who i am now, then
i would have taken you out
and made it work
but i still laughing –
at the dining room table
still watching –
cartoon versions of aesop’s fables
nothing much has gone on
just a little less young
what peers into my mind –
in the nights –
is a little less frightened
but when i wake up each day
i am a little more enlightened
what comes around
well they say, it goes around
and that is alright,
sometimes it will get a little less bright

James Garratt – Sunday 29th June 1997

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