Spiky Railings – Written Wednesday 1st December 2021 (Aged 46)

Spiky Railings

people say to you
oh, you are lovely
they are really nice
but i know my own thoughts
and i am aware of my personal vice
we should accept –
the thoughts that run through our brains
like we accept,
the blood coursing through our veins
morality and being good
cannot be simple or even simplified
people say things to me
but i have seen my inside
i have burnt my hands
on its cauldron hot surface
and i have bust and bent
myself on the spiky railings
of self inflicted, self induced trauma
is this all too much
maybe you and i are just lonely
i have a deeply honest relationship
with my thoughts and failings
maybe i just need to –
stop seeking out those spiky railings

James Garratt – Wednesday 1st December 2021

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