Delirious – Written Tuesday 11th October 2005 (Aged 30)


i am not an, ’emotional cripple’ –
treating my partner –
like a desperate crutch
i am excited by the light
and her on going touch
i am not a, ‘family spastic’
dangling from apron strings
like they are made from elastic
and it is not true,
my mother does not despair
i know she loves me,
she knows of my love and care
i am oblivious to these comments
i do not have a, ‘social handicap’
it is true, i am sometimes stressed
but equally i can be quite relaxed
i do not zig-zag –
in-between the chevrons of life
nor do i clutch an empty bag
and find myself looking for a fight
i am not a defunct rebel
a, ‘handicapped’, howling hound
i am just me,
tuned as i am to my own unique sound

James Garratt – Tuesday 11th October 2005

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