Eyes Flicker and Cry Alone – Written November 2007 (Aged 32)

Eyes Flicker and Cry Alone

i do not need a passers by guide
to how i feel inside
i do not need bitter anecdotes
on why we cried
entranced in corrupt pastures
in a childhood left to die
i do not need to be told how it was
i know how i feel inside
opinions can be banded around
auctions for a point of view
but please,
spare me from self serving history
especially when people do not have a clue
i have noticed the commentators
with their blank faces and ignorance
how funny that they look like the instigators
there really is no difference
i do not need other peoples madness
i already have a box,
and in it i keep my own
i know you all far too well
and i know eyes flicker and they cry alone

James Garratt – November 2007

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