My Failing Arms – Written Sunday 24th December 2006 (Aged 31)

My Failing Arms

when you cried in my arms
i knew then,
what i had done
that the damage from the past
the damage done,
from when you were young
i knew then,
that my fragile dreams
could not make it undone
and when,
you cried for an hour or two
i realised that you were aching
just to hold someone,
who would never let go
i knew then,
that there was a gap in your heart
and a place,
in which you wanted to belong
and as you cried i realised –
that none of it could be undone
that a lifetime of abuse
was a weed planted so young
but we were looking for two different things
and as you cried for an hour or so
i knew that beyond the physical
i would not be able to let go
that you would be tied to a cruel fate
that i was wholly inadequate to cope
and that had made a pandora like mistake

James Garratt – Sunday 24th December 2006

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