Masks Made From Wax and Felt – Written Tuesday 7th December 2021 (Aged 46)

Masks Made From Wax and Felt

the masks –
made from wax and felt
the weight of expectation –
that forces you to tighten your belt
there is a world –
painted onto a billboard
and advertised for our delight
they teach us falsehoods
which obscure our sight
not that i am much better
or even more well versed
i have floating shelves
upon which i store my hurt
and i know –
my fault lines –
would be my biographical taglines
and all my dreams
are fed just like saline
my masks are poor –
with torn edges
and past memories stained upon them
because i know everything about nothing
and way back then
i was a docile dog
the type left outside a youthful shop
i was idle, but always running too hot
so wear your masks –
as if you are an antique showgirl
and then like a true secret –
pretend you never knew this world

James Garratt – Tuesday 7th December 2021

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