I Loved You Back Then – Written Friday 7th January 2022 (Aged 46)

I Loved You Back Then

i loved you back then
but i never knew what love was
love to me –
it was lust and maybe touch
something i wanted
but never enough
impulsivity was my crutch
but now i know
i did love you back then
and now when i think –
i think you felt the same
i do remember hugging you
and how you felt against my frame
but life back then was wild
and my maturity was untamed
my confidence –
only ever buoyed by misplaced fame
but i loved you back then
and the glare and heat –
of new found peers
maybe i should have looked beyond them
and just pulled you near
these days –
as you around my head
it feels like we came close
but the words are never said
but you will always be there
a solid, emotional imprint left

James Garratt – Friday 7th January 2022

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