Irrationality is Queen Or King – Written Tuesday 2nd December 2008 (Aged 33)

Irrationality is Queen or King

can heartache and a broken heart –
ever be truly forgiven
rationally you can,
i mean you can assess
and you can think you understand
you can,
if you wish,
appreciate the honesty
but love is not rational thing
when it comes to love
irrationality is queen or king
and that is what love always brings
so when the heart is broken
can you ever really go back?
is it just a question of time?
remember those words,
‘in a while you will be fine’
giving your heart unconditionally
is just giving it all
perhaps the greatest gift ever given
and that is why i wonder if a broken heart
can ever be truly forgiven

James Garratt – Tuesday 2nd December 2008

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