Jigsaw Factory – Written Monday 1st February 2016 (Aged 40)

Jigsaw Factory

everyone is mentally ill
to tell the truth,
i know exactly how they feel
everyone is truly sick
once i worked in a jigsaw factory
one that made treadmills on the side
i know when the pieces do not fit
and when the conveyor belts slide
everyone is fed up
everyone is hungry
and when they’re not wanting more food
they are angry and they brood
the hunger of entitlement
is fed by the selfishness of greed
everyone is dead but still alive
ripping up the turf deep inside
humanity had melted
by the heat of life’s radiators
and people have started on those
who call themselves mediators
everyone is sick of it all
one more day, one more life
watching humanity crumble and fall

James Garratt – Monday 1st February 2016

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