Average – Written January 2001 (Aged 25)


you thought that average –
would solve all your problems
it is not like us,
except he is an average person
he is giving that security
the type that i never did
well he is so dutiful
and it is hurts to know he holds you
but i will survive
and i know,
that you wanted,
changed with the wind
and now,
i do not even scrape the dirt from your soles
i am not even a friend
how people change in an instant
but so average sets with the sun
love is an illusion
but it seems, it is how we get things done
i know it is not the fireworks i asked you about
but it’s not my stupid confusion
i know average,
and i know it loves you like a puppy dog
he says yes and no to your every call
you know he will never leave
but then, you also know none of it is real
so is it just average in which you believe?
because you feel,
average will stay and average will never leave

James Garratt – January 2001

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