Poor Old Confidence – Written Wednesday 3rd August 2005 (Aged 30)

Poor Old Confidence

another telephone call
not one positive thing said
emotional hurdles
i have no hope of clearing
does not matter what i say
you just aren’t hearing
another life, that is all
where confidence
was put into the ring
barely strong and not so fit
forced to fight
had ‘seven bells’ knocked out of it
poor old confidence
forgotten, or lost at the side of the road
a journey inwards
nowhere else to go
another telephone call
in reality it is you that does not cope
but so desperate to hide
you try to create smoke
by frantically rubbing two wet sticks together
does not hide your limitations
it is not positive and it does not make it better
another life that is all
where they cannot be honest with themselves
where they are too scared
and they blame everybody else

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James Garratt – WEdnesday 3rd August 2005

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