Put My Hand Up – Written Friday 20th December 2019 (Aged 44)

Put My Hand Up

you know,
i have always been a ‘chancer’
just put my hand up
and said, ‘i will give it a go’
find the travelator
and i will go with the flow
ambition seems too flawed for my psyche
and corporate clothes
do not seem to fit me
the chips and those dents meant –
i was always struggling to see
i have always, just put my hand up
to give it a go
ambition, would seem to be more understandable
than a, ‘i will give it a go’
i have believed in my talents
but your talents are only as good –
as the people who recognise them
in that respect, i am always halfway there
you see,
i just spent life thinking –
what would happen if i tried this
no more, no less
moments of egocentric arrogance
and flirtations with the idea of a genius state
they quickly pass –
as life quickly brings you down to earth
and you land fat, on your arse

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James Garratt – Friday 20th December 2019

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