Me, You or Them – Written Thursday 26th December 2019 (Aged 44)

Me, You or Them

there is no compromise –
in this self decided modern life –
it is who shouts the loudest
and a, ‘i must be right’
social media has turned us into animals
where suitable educated debate
gives way to shouting
and a lorry load of hate

no one wants to compromise
not these days that is for sure
compromise has suppressed the many
why now, if it did not work before
someone’s, ‘me’ and someone’s, ‘i am’
is always vying for recognition
every unwanted outcome –
is followed by an online petition

no one is prepared to compromise
and i can hardly blame them
society is built upon –
oppression, discrimination and, ‘know your place’
one part of society wants equality and justice
and the other does not understand –
why it is wrong to don black face
is it ‘me’ or ‘i’ before a cohesive society
but we can not carry on in a system –
of fundamental dishonesty
but… but no one wants to compromise

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James Garratt – Thursday 26th December 2019

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