A Thousand Candles Flicker Inside – Written Monday 12th February 2001 (Aged 25)

A Thousand Candles Flicker Inside

do not question me –
for you do not know who i am
you know,
there is no personality –
in those first judgements
or in the palms of your hands
do not feel that you know me –
because of something i have said
or because i have a flaw
i am more than you think
more than a once piece jigsaw
do take me by warm hands
show me you know how to learn
show me that you can understand
do not tell me the voices are calling
and that they are driving you mad
do not question me –
what you touch is what you feel
a thousand candles flicker inside
and each one of them is real

James Garratt – Monday 12th February 2001

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