Where Was the Concern? – Written Saturday 26th November 2005 (Aged 30)

Where Was the Concern?

when i left a message on your answerphone
i was close to tears,
and near to breaking point
my voice trembling with anger and hurt
but did you call me back and ask how i was?
you must have known,
how much you had hurt me
and how much you had humiliated me
well, did you?
well i can only assume the answer to that is no
all you did was send me an e mail message
in which you did nothing but pass the blame
and exonerate yourself of all the charges
you offered no sympathy and absolutely no apology
there was no comfort and even less humility
there was no understanding of the damage
and for me, that summed it all up
that is why i am walking away from all this
and i am getting so far away from you

James Garratt – Saturday 26th November 2005

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