Family Sunset – Written Tuesday 26th July 2022 (Aged 47)

Family Sunset

others make life look easy
they put –
their thoughts to one side
pick up a book
and a glass of gin
sit back –
and watch the family sunset
contentment is easy
and it is always home made
unchained –
and easy to explain
questions just never got asked
and joined up smiles –
were easily put to task
do i sound bitter?
do i sound stale?
do i sound jealous
or am swallowed up by bits that fail
i am not sure
because my journey –
has always been a lot less secure
peppered with shrapnel and scars
chased by emotional underdogs
who never worked that hard
and in fact, never even took it that far
again, do i sound bitter?
or does this sound like plagiarised self-pity
there i am feeling sorry for myself
or is it just that no one asks
others make life look easy
as if all their choices were the safest bet
a gin palace –
overseen by a family sunset
others make life look easy
some people recline on the family deck
others just feel sick and really quite queasy

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