Broke My Heart – Written Saturday 26th November 2005 (Aged 30)

Broke My Heart

you broke my heart
how do i say anymore
what good does poetic verse do?
what can a stanza really provide?
when everything,
is ruined inside

you broke my heart
a searing pain inside
no metaphor or simile
and no quick reference from the dictionary
none of those will do

you broke my heart
how do i say anymore?
you broke into a room
by kicking down my door
i aching with all this pain you have caused
the remainder of my soul
just plays a ghostly refrain

you broke my heart
you don’t hear that you have
because you do not want to understand
you never could
and i wish i could put it back together
there is no more i can say
whatever i once had,
you have stolen away

James Garratt – Saturday 26th November 2005

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