Wandered Through My Life – Written Tuesday 9th August 2022 (Aged 47)

Wandered Through My Life

wandered through my life
lover, joker –
or somehow a clown
you gave me such highs
but so often,
just got me down
met you,
in one of those places –
you frequent when you are young
i found myself needing
and we shared an equal hunger
left you for someone –
who in the end i also left –
and then, to you, i returned back
but any kind of love for us
was always out of reach
i have flooded memory lane with us
but the flood means there is no way back
now i look on –
i wonder about the purpose of it all
i loved you like a gambler
and now i dare not count the cost
you wandered with me
and it seems that we were also lost

James Garratt – Tuesday 9th August 2022

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