I Don’t Really Like Them – Written Saturday 26th November 2005 (Aged 30)

I Don’t Really Like Them

the truth is –
i don’t really like them
it is not an illness –
or something i have done
i just don’t like them
they make me feel…
well, uncomfortable
it is the way they never listen
and the way they go on
with such crazy views
and none of it –
is based upon experience
it’s just tabloid news
the truth is –
their over inflated ego
and terrible arrogance
just means accepting –
that they could be unlikable
is something –
that just never happens
everyone else must be at fault
the truth is –
they are an ugly person –
both inside and out
with not much to really say
i just done really like them
and no longer want to play
the damage that has been done
my feelings have no more to say

James Garratt – Saturday 26th November 20005

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