National Mob – Written Tuesday 13th September 2022 (Aged 47)

National Mob

collective lunacy comes at a national cost
grief turns to psychosis
for a queen who is now lost
and i am told,
in fact, it is demanded of me
that hereditary privilege
means i must bend down on one knee
and furthermore, any dissenting voice –
should hang from public tree
but i do not feel a loss
nor do i shed a tear
i know change is constant
and i know that’s the constant people fear
i do not believe in, ‘betters’
nor do i value those with much more land
and just because their names come with letters
does not mean i raise my hand
all this,
the losing of a queen
i appreciate the feelings but it means little to me
why should i doff my cap,
bend, bow, curtsey or go down on one knee
how can i ignore our crippling inequality
i am not a conscript for this national mob
just i do not believe the excuse,
that they were anointed by a god
this lack of critical thinking and questioning,
makes people part of a national mob

James Garratt – Tuesday 13th September 2022

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