Glass Poverty – Written Friday 19th August 2022 (Aged 47)

Glass Poverty

glass poverty comes into view
shiny and new
bending the light
food banks,
are a heavy weight fight
energy costs,
well, they are much too high
they say tighten the belt
and accept the pie
but truthfully,
it does not work like that
not when small state stares at big state
and knocks off its hat
but they know all too well
the voting habits
that helped design this inequal hell
glass poverty with its palms pressed up against
the windows of pure frost
injustice is unjustifiably the norm
and this is where hope becomes lost
so, pay for a doctor
and bleed when you are born
what a state,
for this state to find itself in
greedy smally state takes first prize
as big state loses out again,
and the consolation is just spoon fed lies

James Garratt – Friday 19th August 2022

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