Comfort Zones Do Not Exist – Written November 2022 (Aged 47)

Comfort Zones Do Not Exist

if life,
is about,
what you can get away with
perhaps i have got away with a lot,
if life is about the art of concentration
then i never really gave it a shot
if life is about blotting your copy book
then I have a pen, but no top
it’s a thorny old phrase,
like nothing ventured nothing gained
frame that nonsense
and put it on your wall
but before i bang the nails in
maybe it has a truth after all
comfort zones do not exist
maybe handmade walls
are just bricks that never fit
maybe the fear of failure
has us all constantly licked
if life,
is all about self belief
then there is a reason
that i never cut my teeth
if life,
is about homespun contentment
then i do understand my mental fights
but i know comfort zones do not exist
and that it is only experience,
that makes us intelligent, wealthy and rich

James Garratt – November 2022

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