Going Crazy – Written Monday 9th June 2001 (Aged 26)

Going Crazy

i am going crazy
and i cannot speed up time
it’s okay,
because everything is okay
in fact, it’s almost sublime
so I don’t mind
but i sat here yesterday
and i thought about today
but today i am thinking about tomorrow
and how quickly that will come my way
because it will be another day closer,
another day gone by,
i do not want to watch the cars
i just want to see a plane in the sky
you know i cannot speed up time
no matter how hard i try
but everyday it grows,
and everything is just fine
you are so close,
and i know soon you will be closer still
i wish i could speed up time,
that is just the way i feel

James Garratt – Monday 8th June 2001

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