Blossoming of Flowers – Written Tuesday 28th July 2009 (Aged 34)

Blossoming of Flowers

with every flowers demise
it seems,
a new one arrives
for every flower,
that decides to shiver,
it seems,
a new one will deliver
in human terms
it is out survival
when flowers leave and depart
a sudden new arrival
can grip and capture your heart
it seems,
some people will never be apart
though some will come and go
those flowers that matter
will stay and grow
with every flowers demise
it seems,
a new one arrives

James Garratt – Tuesday 28th July 2009

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  1. I love your choice of journal style graphic which is such a cool idea. I don’t think I have seen this style graphic used before. I like how it kind of made it look like this was a kind note on the fridge. Coupling the note on the fridge idea with the poem below, I think this is either about moving on in life from something external, and needing a pleasant reminder because of experiencing grief.

    If it is about the self recovery process, it reads different, the writing out being a meditative act or pleasant reminder that comes from self or others.

    I love the duality of this poem. Thank you for sharing it.

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    1. Thank you for the comment, that’s very appreciated. I have always written in pads and in fact, still do. I think having that original unedited piece is a way of exposing the creative process. Like layers of paint on a painting being removed. There’s something very raw and intimate about it, especially the older stuff. There’s a bit more about it here, in my introduction


      1. I really appreciated the style, it is very original, I am making a mental note to check this out, I have to go somewhere soon, so I have to jump in the shower, but I will look more into this later, and reflect on it. Thank you for your response to my comment, and I hope you have an excellent day, if I don’t catch up with you later, feel free to remind me, this is actually very helpful, and I just have to make sure I shower before meeting up with my dad.

        Peace and Love.


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