I Used To Swim After Them – Written Saturday 29th August 2009 (Aged 34)

I Used To Swim After Them

i always seem to be letting them go
but this time it feels –
well it feels as if the tide has turned
i used to jump in and swim after them
i used to look for driftwood to cling onto
and the tales i was told –
by friends who only have love and care for me
i just ignored
i defended you to the death
till i was out of ideas
and down to my very last believable breath
but in the last week –
i have learnt hard lessons
perhaps somebody in the future –
will see them as blessings
but now, as i make my way to a safer shore
i think about what i have done
and i know i cannot swim after you anymore

James Garratt – Saturday 29th August 2009

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