Refuge – Written Monday 17th March 2014 (Aged 38)


to you, the past is a refuge
the present has,
after all so let you down
the modern world exists
but you don’t understand the sound
you cling to what went before
even though it is a ghost town
the present scares you,
it has a cost,
a mortgage that you can ill afford
and relationships,
that have moved abroad
the present feels like an attack on the, ‘me’
so you look at, ‘immigration’
and that, ‘incoming sea’
soldiers are hero’s…
nurses do not get enough pay
your salary does not have enough zeros
and under the flag you stand as it sways
simple solutions do not exist
and when the past felt to free
days when you could do as you like
days the music reflect the, ‘me’
it is no surprise,
that being so young
does not last forever
the years can cultivate so many fears
the past is a ghost town,
but you have seen and felt its weather
and that is where you are bound

James Garratt – Monday 17th March 2014

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