Spaghetti Mess – Written Monday 17th March 2014 (Aged 39)

Spaghetti Mess

how did you bypass,
the bypass,
the pass we had to take
who is the real you
even the fake fur is fake
how did you find a route
with such odd orchestras
no one with a flute,
how did you smile in every photograph
it’s a jealously thing
please, let me admit
it’s just some of us are in the trenches
a pit, or a hastily dug ditch
you smile like someone emotionally distant
and act like you’re emotionally rich
how did your unit,
itself beyond the haul
how did family lose the capital, ‘F’,
only to find one so small
how did bucket and spade
create castles so well made
when each bucket was like a tomb or a grave
how did you end up,
in such a spaghetti mess
the rest of us run up steep hills
struggling for meaningful breaths
you seem to think it is okay be less than less

James Garratt – Monday 17th March 2014

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