You Have Been Fooled – Written Monday 17th March 2014 (Aged 39)

You Have Been Fooled

soldiers are not heroes,
they are just doing a job
blame the decision makes and the politicians
for it is they who rob,
rob a young person of its future
through power led politicised agendas
it is no surprise that the MP’s in our parliament
are called members
public sector workers,
are just doing a job
join the growing and expanding right wing
and find excuses to fob
people are to blame,
for everything that goes wrong
let BNP, UKIP and tories too
sing the national anthem with aplomb
let them claim the english are best
even though the english have gone
people would like the world not to be a puzzle
more like a simple picture of no real depth
they are just playing monopoly
hoping there is a prize to collect
they believe the enemy is burka clad and brown
if you believe this,
you have been fooled,
the enemy is in a suit and tie every time
it harbours power and the right to school

James Garratt – Monday 17th March 2014

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