English Stew – Written March 2014 (Aged 39)

English Stew

it is all very convulsed
there is not a thing wrong –
in white men –
expressing pride in being, ‘english’,
(whatever that actually means)
but all too often –
there is an accompanying –
lack of enlightenment
that leads to that –
white man entitlement
it is there,
the racism, the ignorance laid bare
i am proud of my heritage and culture
but i am happy to share
but white entitlement –
dictates that we don’t want them over here
celtic, saxon, norman,
jewish, christian, catholic
whether it is old or new
do people really think –
there exists, only one true english stew
do they think this country –
is made of just green and pleasant lands
i see all those things,
the things that people like to share
for example sentences like,
‘i’m not a racist but..’
they flirt with the edge of insanity
and make good with a sheep like mentality
waiting to be invited in
looking outside for your problems
i suspect it is easier than looking in
after all, that is where you should begin

James Garratt – March 2019

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