Does The Jigsaw Really Fit? – Written Wednesday 30th June 2010 (Aged 35)

Does The Jigsaw Really Fit?

does she really love him?
is this it?
is she bowled over
does the jigsaw really fit?
is it love everlasting
or is it just a comfortable fit
with bouts of fasting
is this her moment
the one that abolishes the past
does she feel this is success
is it that which she truly clasps
she is hoping,
she is praying
and wondering,
how does she really fit
she is never actually saying
but then,
who can say
who can say that she is wrong
amongst us,
who has not searched for answers
the kind that help us feel less alone
it is a feature of their age,
when you ignore previous chapters
and dare to turn the page

James Garratt – Wednesday 30th June 2010

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