The Puzzle Is You – Written Tuesday 28th October 1997 (Aged 22)

The Puzzle Is You

i try to tell myself
that things aren’t as they are
that there is no need,
only there is
i try not to think about it
but it is all i seem to do
i struggle to make the pieces fit
the puzzle is you
and it is you i miss
i try to tell myself
that i can be without
and yes i could
but what about the happiness we seek
it must be worth a try
but only if i get a peek
the puzzle is you
i try to tell myself
but it is, it’s true
it will soon be our next day
i will soon be with you
if only you knew
you have probably guessed
that things are as you think
my life is neatly pressed
but who’s is
i try to tell myself
i am, it’s true
the puzzle is you

James Garratt – Tuesday 28th October 1997

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