This Life Is Not Always Mine – Written October 1997 (Aged 22)

This Life Is Not Always Mine

this life is not always mine
when the tension is tight
i struggle for my breath
and i don’t always do my best
and when i don’t,
i know i’ve failed another life test
please do not take my legs away
i need to furnish my mind
with the feel of companionship
and if you have no soul
i hope you can live without it
and if you are feeling the cold
i hope you can find someone who can give
this world is not just our own
we are walking on borrowed turf
as we start to meddle and clone
i hope we remember the earth
the universe and the fact we are not alone
this place is leaving today
and when the problems mount
sometimes i put my hand up
especially when i need to shout
sometimes you have had enough
don’t you wonder what it’s all about

James Garratt – October 1997

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