Home Town

of course you think where I live is rough.
you’re a born snob – and you have struggled
all your life to ape those white middle class
values they have doped you up on.

where I live may be rough – it may not be
to your liking. But we don’t all have the choice
in where we live, we work hard and live where
we can afford. 

people like you live in white middle class suburbs
with nice white middle class people reading the 
Daily Mail and pretending that their world is all
white and safe.

you turn your nose up at where i live – yet
curiously if you were to buy a house here –
you would not be able to afford it. Do we
need people like you?

do you think your little world is safe and is
populated by well meaning people – who
never do anything wrong. Does the reality
of my neighbourhood scare you?

is the truth that where i live highlights your
bigotry and prejudices and your fears. Is
it not fair to say that you live in fear – who
are you criticse us?

was my home town too rough – when you
came to our house and accepted our hospitality
was you looking down your nose t us then –
did you feel degraded?

so thank you for your comment – and your
judgement – i will add it to the rest – how
can i take someone like you seriously, so devoid
of self respect

James Garratt – March 2008

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