Carrier Bags of Memories

Carrier Bags of Memories

if i am defensive
it is because i am tired
of fighting belief systems
that have no place for me
me, with carrier bags of memories
me with my rucksack of dreams
me with head full of,
long lost beings

if i am defensive
it is because i see the narrative
and i can be told
well… it is my mental health
the hand me down mental state
that i wrote about in biro
whilst clutching a piece of slate

does not have to be devoid of truth
i know my middle sets
left me bereft,
as i got older
cling to the ships final bell
as i pick chips off my shoulder
but even a shiver delivers

and if i am defensive
maybe it is with good reason
sold as i am on the idea
of high and mighty treason
i do understand, i understand
all the different seasons

James Garratt – Monday 30th July 2018

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