The Grocer’s Daughter

The Grocer’s Daughter

i do not want to be a –
slave –
to the conservative right
i do not want to remain –
with an economic heist

tycoons –
get rich and fat
who can afford –
the current cost of living

still – we blame others
as if the somehow missing
notice –
that each successive –
stands here suspiciously –
just whistling
and looking the over way

they shout and point at ‘immigrants’
and still – somehow –
we believe every word that they say

the wealth –
consumed and collected
is it any wonder –
our hope has eloped
and the cost of daily living ejected

conservatism –
it is dead in the water
however – we can rightly blame
the grocer’s daughter

James Garratt – Saturday 1st June 2019

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