One Lens – January 2019

One Lens

they are not meaning to be unkind
but perhaps, when you are younger
for some, answers are easier to find
and perhaps, it can be hard to understand
that not everyone starts from the same place
and if you want answers
to the boxes you tick
convention and normality
seem to become an easy fit
and it is harder to understand
that life must be viewed
through more than one lens
that the opportunities you find
are not afforded or found by others
the conservatism of people
who think they have, ‘made it’
and the idea, that they can do it
so why can’t others?

when your skin is acceptable colour
when your sexuality is defined as the societal ‘norm’
when your choices are straightforward
when you never kick up a storm
when you want and accept a basic life
then it seems easy to play husband
or even straightforward wife
when you feel that you have done well
when the indulgence,
of imparting advice to others
without the benefit of a different lens
then it becomes far more problematic

James Garratt – January 2019

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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