Tears Escape – Sunday 1st July 2012

Tears Escape

there are times now
when tears escape
there were former days
when they stayed indoors
only venturing forth
when moments of sadness gripped me
or i was lost
and they would venture forth
for a while
but never overstaying their welcome
now they seek daylight
and my cheeks
choked by thought
or the words i, or others speak
and people cannot understand
solitary confinement
has never been so real
but it is through others
that everything begins to heal
in the meantime, tears ache,
like the moon shines
and i pay the bill –
the cost for the pain i feel
and the cost for what is lost
is mighty steep
i lay my head down
and long for a better sleep

James Garratt – Sunday 1st July 2012

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