Are They Wearing a Wedding Ring? – Saturday 2nd October 2010

Are They Wearing a Wedding Ring?

this is my age
i used to ‘hassle’ bar staff
for pen and paper
have a kiss in the corner
and when they said, ‘see you later’
call up the number the next day
waiting in the high street
wondering what to say
these days i look
at a person’s face
then i check her finger
no wedding ring?
perhaps i should linger?
relationships have come –
with far more power
it is a short distance between –
moving in and the first bunch of flowers
life plans may not have come true
but all these thirty somethings –
stuck together like single glue
so i think back –
to kissing passionately on the settee
nights out and nights in
holding hands and a head upon their knee
it feels like innocence and fun
we grow up so quickly and suddenly –
we lose that something that makes us young

James Garratt – Saturday 2nd October 2010


    1. Thank you. I wrote this when I was 35 and โ€˜singleโ€™. Iโ€™d found myself in that situation after being married. It was interesting to think about being single back in my teens and twenties compared to my then 30โ€™s. I sort of tried to write about that. It was meant to have a slight trace of humour. Thank you for the comment. Glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ James


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