TBBTG Update – Thursday 15th August

Reflections and all that…

I was notified that i had reached my 1000th post yesterday, i rather glumly thought, i have barely scratched the surface of what i have to upload. Again, i was reminded of the enormity of the The Boy Behind the Glasses (TBBTG) project. I reflected that so much of writing is or was written in the moment and always intended to be throwaway or more disposable. It’s given pads and pads worth of writing but i do wonder, if only maybe i had spent a bit more time on some of them?
I carry on thought, the very production like process of writing up the original, scanning it in, saving the scan then adding that to the poem, hen i post it. I have a system now that runs like clockwork and make the process more structured.

I have found i have lots of unfinished pieces or pieces written but not revisited, that was pretty much all of August 2012 which i recently added. It had value but it had not been touched since then, so i have taken the decision to tidy them up and add titles. I did debate whether this was remaining true to the ethos of my writing and why i write, it’s a natural urge for me, as i am sure it is for many, to want and edit something later on. I felt this was justified though, not too many changes and certainly it felt okay to give a title to these pieces. You will noticed on my very latest pieces I often change the title anyway. Titles for me, have, often being last, i used to reflect the title of the feeling or idea but i have always been lazy with titles and often changed them. You can sometimes see this on the original scanned page.

As I trawl through my writing i am forced to reflect, i am not like i remember or at least, the distance between me now, at 44 and me at 22 or 24 is greater than i imagined. Equally though, the world, our own personal world and the world around us has changed in so many ways. I sometimes look at my old writing and find it hard to even recognise the person i am reading about conversing, even the person i am now.

In terms of the page, i have add a TBBTG facebook link. I decided to create a TBBTG facebook page. I am not quite sure how this will work, i guess it is more experimental and we will see how it works. I have always post poems on my own facebook page under the notes section so let’s see how this pans out. It may be I just continue to put the ‘top ten’ poems on there, we shall see. It is there though for people to interact with. Likewise so is my twitter, although you will learn that i am a forensic social worker and i enjoy running, which may or may not be interesting.

I continue to appreciate the likes and interaction, as i have said before, i try to get other peoples work when i can.

thank you


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