The Boy Behind the Glasses – Adjusting the Glasses – July 2020 Update

I have been toying with the idea of writing some ‘proper’ blog articles, there is so much going on at present, so much that people refuse to accept or understand, I felt it was a good time to talk about some of the discussion based upon my personal and professional experience. But I am reluctant to expand the Boy Behind the Glasses into some kind of full on politicised blog. I just want to keep this as an archiving project and to be fair, there is enough ego and self-importance in my writing and if you must know my politics and views by now. But if you people wanted me to, I could be persuaded!

The Boy Behind The Glasses: An Introduction

My name is James and this personal website is an attempt to archive my writing which predominately is (under a loose banner) poetry
I started writing things down at the age of 17 in 1992, initially with no other idea of plan then to keep a record of my thoughts and feelings. Given my growing up experiences it felt like the perfect way to apply some self help therapy

TBBTG December 2019 Update – Is It Poetry and Other Thoughts

I haven’t completed an update for a while and to be honest, I was thinking of abandoning them altogether. Only because my remit for this blog and this site is quite straightforward, that is, it’s an archiving project and the aim is just that, archive my writing so I have something available for people to look at now or in the future