What Does it Mean – Talking About the Writing Process

Often I do not want to write about individual poems or pieces or writing and seem very self-indulgent to spend precious space writing about my own work. I also much prefer poems to be up to the reader in terms of meaning. Of course, sometimes a poem and its meaning is obvious but I prefer to have some ambiguity. Equally, often a poem is so personal, only you as the writer can ever truly have a connection. But that doesn’t and should not stop others reading it and having a connection or understanding of their own.

TBBTG December 2019 Update – Is It Poetry and Other Thoughts

I haven’t completed an update for a while and to be honest, I was thinking of abandoning them altogether. Only because my remit for this blog and this site is quite straightforward, that is, it’s an archiving project and the aim is just that, archive my writing so I have something available for people to look at now or in the future