THe Boy Behind the Glasses (TBBTG) Update – Friday 30th August 2019

TBBTG Update

I haven’t updated for a couple of weeks so i thought i would give a little run down of what is happening. First all, thank you to new subscribers and everyone who views and likes, I am not busting records for likes and comments and don’t intend to. Nonetheless any time taken by people to read, like or comment is much appreciated.

At the risk of rehashing or retreading old ground, for new subscribers, I guess this is a good moment to explain what ‘The Boy Behind the Glasses’ is. In essence i am writing up and storing my work, I have been writing and jotting things down since I was 18 and I am 44 now and as a consequence I have piles of writing pads which live in boxes in my shed.

I have in the past being published, I have also written fro local newspapers and magazine, back in the ’90’s I even rode the wave of the first e books; however this isn’t about that, this is a record of my life and a way to preserve what i have written. So forgive me for multiple postings and in turn, you receiving multiple notifications.

It would be nice in the future to have some record of my life and the life of those close to me for others, perhaps even some far flung relatives in the future to read.

So what you have here is a blog where the aim is to catalogue my writing, no easy task, I have lots of writing pads! I should perhaps explain how i have written and continue to write – it’s a quick process with minimal editing, the aim is to capture the idea of the moment. Now, just because I write like this or I seem to write a lot does not make me a better writer, it’s just how the creative process works for me. In fact I envy the deliciously talented writers here who craft really good pieces of writing. So there is a lot for me to get through and a lot of my life to wander back through.

I continue to update my poetry and i now reflect on how i view myself and my past, by reading my own writing I can see that a lot of the narratives I had constructed around my life, simply don’t ring true or
I have misunderstood timelines. Equally, didn’t I make life difficult for myself when was younger? It was not that complicated was it, surely?

I have also been contemplating, what is poetry and more specifically, what is a poem? It’s a term that has always sat slightly uneasy with me, fior me, my own writing has never really felt like, ‘poetry’, it’s just there, i don’t know quite what poetry should look like but for me, I was just putting some words down onto paper in quite a throwaway fashion. Poetry was something crafted, something written in such a way that it expressed something that was touching and real. I haven’t answered the question but it remains, it’s difficult when so much of what i write is basic or quite average, it’s aim was only ever expression and not skill or craft. So as I write up my work, i do think, really, is this worth it? Or I think, i could go back and edit it that or, i should have done more with that. The urge to go back and edit work is compelling, I resist, just!

I am over 1000 poems which is daunting, i have barely scratched the surface and although for me, it is amazing to look at the blog and see the years and months start to fill with writing, i know there is a long way to go. I do have broad selection of writing from the early / mid nineties through to now. In fact, that is part of the problem, I am still writing now and recently started a new pad (you can see these on the site). It seems I am painting the forth Road Bridge in poetry terms.

The plan for the next couple of weeks is more of the same. I am currently working through 2001. This was a crucial point in my life, where I would meet someone, settle down and eventually get married. Much of this period is a reflective when where I am trying to grow up and in turn, so is my writing. I was twenty six in 2001 and I really needed something new, i needed to move on and period is reflected in my writing. Life is of course, ever changing, the marriage didn’t last and there would be further pain and change much further in the future but in 2001 there was a newfound hope and excitement. We all have turning points in our lives, this was one of them.

Finally, I have included my desk and writing set up – Laptop – multicoloured keyboard, nice monitor, scanner (which reminds me of the ’90’s) and comfy mouse.

So, again, thank you for all the likes, it is much appreciated.


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