I had planned to undertake monthly updates but over the weekend, a flurry of likes and people following has made realise that this project probably needs weekly updates.

Firstly, a thank you and it is a genuine thank you to those who have taken to time to read and follow, even those who have taken time to just read.  Genuinely I am not doing this for the likes, nonetheless I am appreciative of those that do.  Secondly, apologies, this is a full on project and I make an effort to look at peoples work to read but I don’t always have time, it’s not me being rude, it’s just time so apologies.  I have started read other blogs, particularly the poetry and writing ones and they often amazing to read, authentic and technically well written and presented. 

As I have said before, The Boy Behind The Glasses (TBHTG) is really about pulling together all my writing over the last 25 years +.  A huge task of cataloguing and digitally storing what are some very fragile old writing pads.  That is the aim here, no more, no less.  I am a proficient writer and it was always about the expression and writing as a form of self-help therapy when I was younger.  So there is a lot of it and I apologise for those following me, you’re probably getting more e mail notifications than you want, please bear with me, it’s just the upload process.

So what’s changed this week, well I have changed the theme, not wishing to pay for one and always wanting something for nothing, I’ve moved to one called Atlas.  This means I can present the poems on the front page and it gives me a side menu, which for me was important.  I am really fussy about the layout and if you’ve looked at the poems you will see that a key part of their presentation is having the original written piece from the writing pad as it was written, mistakes and all, that initial ‘sketch’ is integral to how I want to present my work.  Finding a theme that does that just has been difficult.  It’s not helped that I have a large menu system displaying the years and months which is clunky and upsets some of the themes I have tried.  I need to work on the menu system but at least Atlas copes with it.  If anyone has any menu suggestions, please let me know.

I am currently working from three different pads, 1998, 1995 and my latest, it keeps a variety going and I am not ploughing through, say, 1995 and thinking what an absolute idiot I was. I am also pulling poems from Facebook which is taking time, you will have seen some of those last night from 2009, they have my temporary picture which is the teapot and cups with motion blur.

TBBTG is really about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, this isn’t so much about individual pieces of writing or poems, it’s about the whole, a life lived and a life recorded – even if at times I struggle to remember what certain bits are about.

As a bonus for stationery lovers out there, I have always used writing pads from the U.K’s least favourite stationery store, W.H Smith, you will some of those uploaded and you will be getting a potted history of the last 25 years + of their writing pad range.  I doubt there are few blogs who can offer their followers that.

It’s amazing to actually have work from when I was 20 next to work I am doing now and seeing how different I am and all the life experience that has gone on.  What I have realised is that none of us are quite who we remember our past selves to be.

As ever, thank you, keep liking, keep commenting, and keep suggesting.



  1. I think it is great that you have writing from so early in your life as well as more recent work. You can see how you’ve evolved as a writer. It’s a brave thing to do, too!

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    1. Thank Andy – I am very fortunate to have all this writing because I have a record of me and I guess it is brave, believe me I look at the early bits and I wince but that is who I was and I don’t think we should be too ashamed of younger more innocent immature self! Not that I sit here writing up older stuff in complete comfort. I like to think I have evolved as a writer but for me, I just write, perhaps technique has not always been forefront but I think on the rare occasions I write something and I think, yeah that’s not bad 🙂 I really appreciate the comment and that you’ve taken some time to look through. James

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