Connector – Friday 27th November 1998


i had to say yes
had to admit –
that they already had
and it scared me
because no one had –
not for a long time
a life of being independent
learning to be concrete
even if you are soft inside
not letting people in
and then you are asking me
would you let me inside?

had to admit –
that you had already gave
and were inside
suddenly the vulnerability i had
was so apparently real
i could tell by the way i felt
in my mind i was holding you
in my mind life was almost perfect
to feel like this
it is a feeling of inner peace
if only i had this in my sleep
you gave it to me
and even for a second,
it is better than any pain
it makes it seem just about bearable

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James Garratt – Friday 27th November 1998

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