A Defensive Reaction – Friday 27th November 1998

A Defensive Reaction 

i may not have the looks
to match my confidence
but i do care
if you do not like my looks
i will criticise what you wear
and point out,
you are not that great
if you say i am over defensive
i will shout that i am not
from behind my soft wall of protection
i i disappoint you in any way
do not feel hurt
because no matter how bad it seems
i disappointed myself first
if i do not fit in this place
or sit at the one you laid out for me
i will make no excuses
if it seems you have cooked cordon bleu
and if i eat with my hands
then i will try to understand
i may not have your favourite looks
and believe me, any name you are thinking of
i have heard them all
that is what happens to you vocabulary
when you are bullied when you are small
i one thing everyone needs
but i have lost it and i cannot find it
that is why parts still bleed

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James Garratt - Friday 27th November 1998

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