Destruction Comes – Wednesday 30th October 1996

Destruction Comes

destruction that i sought
was found and easily got
i thought i had found everything
now i fear i have lost the lot
destruction was not what i wanted
i thought it was special
the feeling i felt in what i adore
but destruction it was
that was the disguise it wore
now through everything
i have knocked a castle to the ground
i have found a beautiful instrument
and muted its sound
i have left a beautiful face
my shadow no longer there
my finger no longer able to trace
the destruction came quick
i over balanced and fell
could not even use my wit
now i have a sorry tale to tell
self destruction in my feelings
bought by a situation
that left us both needing
now we are gone
destruction is breeding
where once every single thing was shared

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James Garratt – Wednesday 30th October 1996

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